Good acoustics for
a healthy indoor climate

Acoustic comfort is one of the 4 pillars for a healthy indoor climate.

Modern Building Management

There is an immense amount of work involved, but the most important requirements that people are increasingly trying to meet in modern building management can be grouped into these 4 categories:

  • Sustainable Building Management
  • Healthy Indoor Climate
  • Energy saving
  • Price performance

Healthy Indoor Climate

When one takes a closer look at the "indoor climate" section, one can identify a number of pillars that form the basis for this:

  • ACOUSTIC comfort
  • THERMAL comfort
  • AIR quality
  • VISUAL comfort

The term "comfort" is rather subjective, but there are nevertheless a number of common factors that can influence this comfort in a positive / negative sense.

Acoustic Comfort

How comfort and therefore the indoor climate are experienced, influences the WELLBEING as well as the PERFORMANCE of employees, patients, customers, students, teachers, etc.

Poor acoustics manifests itself in headaches, hoarse voice, depression, poor concentration, decreased motivation, stress, poor productivity, absenteeism, etc.

Experience teaches us that by taking a well-considered and professional approach in a room to promote acoustic comfort, this has a positive effect on a number of areas (see diagram below).

Although DOX Acoustics specializes in acoustic solutions (both sound-absorbing and sound-insulating), our solutions also contribute (in-)directly to thermal comfort, visual comfort and air quality. Discover our extensive product range here.

Acoustic Standards

In modern construction technology, acoustic standards apply that must be met. These are :

  • NBN-S01-400 - 1: residential units
  • NBN-S01-400 - 2: schools
  • NBN-S01-400 - 3: public buildings

WELL Building Standards

Creating a healthy indoor climate, including sound acoustic comfort, falls within the scope of the WELL Building Standards. They are aimed at improving human health and wellbeing throughout the built environment. 

Good acoustics in every room is crucial!

But due to a lack of knowledge and/or budget, the acoustic part is often scrapped, which means that the acoustic issueshave to be solved afterwards by means of quick fixes.

Don't underestimate the IMPORTANCE OF GOOD ACOUSTICS: Address acoustics at the design stage of your project and give it an important place in your building management!

DOX Acoustics is happy to assist you with advice & professional guidance to ensure your acoustic comfort!

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