About DOX Acoustics and DOX Group
Focus on a healthy indoor climate.

Create a comfortable and healthy working and living environment in a moving and sustainable society.

Within DOX Acoustics, this vision translates into: Good acoustics for a healthy indoor climate in a flexible and multifunctional living space, tailored to your interior. 

customer-oriented service
high quality products
tailored to each project
expertise & experience

Where it all started...
DOX Group nv

The DOX story started in 1978. When Jan Dox founded the company Illbruck Belgium in a small office on the ground floor of an apartment complex in Schoten. Over the years, the range and expertise steadily grew into the established value it is today, within our DOX brands.

Your partner in room acoustics

Your partner in building acoustics and vibration isolation

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We are DOX group, your total partner for acoustic solutions and industrial noise control. 40 years of experience, following the latest trends and a dedicated team of specialists make us a strong player in the market.

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ACoustics as a Service (ACaaS)

Maak kennis met het concept van ACoustics as a Service, waarbij het ontzorgen van de klant centraal staat: een dienst dat flexibiliteit, duurzaamheid en functionaliteit combineert met een pay-as-you-g...
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Verbeter de akoestiek in publieke ruimtes

Ook in publieke ruimtes is een goede akoestiek essentieel. Het gaat hier dikwijls om klassieke gebouwen waar er initieel weinig aandacht is besteed aan een goed akoestisch klimaat. Daarnaast zijn publ...
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