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Optimal learning in quiet study rooms through the right acoustic solutions

Thursday May 25 2023

The most stressful periods in student years include exam periods. Reverberant rooms where you can hear every pen click or sliding chair are far from the best environment. So a quiet and sound-friendly study environment is essential for successful learning. Silence and concentration go hand in hand, which makes improving acoustics just as important. As a school, how do you create an environment that promotes students' academic performance?

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An excellent hospitality experience thanks to acoustic solutions

Tuesday March 14 2023

 Acoustics in the hospitality industry is an essential aspect of guests' experience. We have all experienced it before: you are having a lovely time at a restaurant with family or friends when the decibels around you reach such a level that you can barely understand each other. Good acoustics create a pleasant atmosphere, making guests feel comfortable and stay longer. In contrast, poor acoustics can lead to annoying noises and an unpleasant atmosphere, resulting in bad reviews and lower sales.

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DOX Group under the wings of Merford in Belgium

Thursday February 02 2023

On behalf of DOX Group, we are pleased to announce that the Dutch company Merford will take us under its wings from 1 February 2023.

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Acoustic solutions for busy and noisy corridors in schools.

Wednesday September 14 2022

There is little more disturbing than hearing students rushing through the corridors during your lesson. Not only do you see them through the classroom windows, but you hear them as if they were standing next to you. It is, therefore, not illogical that noisy corridors disturb concentration and hamper the learning environment. Fortunately, simple solutions can make a world of difference: acoustic improvements.

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Discover the top 5 acoustic solutions for optimal learning comfort in schools

Thursday July 14 2022

In the world of teaching and learning, acoustics and sound insulation play a crucial role. Creating a low-noise environment not only enhances student concentration and performance, but it also improves the overall learning experience. So to ensure an optimal learning experience, it is best to think about taking a close look at your acoustics. And how do you improve those acoustics? Here are all our top 5 acoustic solutions!

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Using acoustic solutions to enhance your restaurant experience.

Tuesday July 05 2022

Whether it's for a quick bite during a day of shopping or to rest your feet at the table, a brasserie has everything you need to recharge. At least, almost everything. Unfortunately, we can't ignore it: murmuring and cutlery clattering sometimes makes the decibels in big restaurants swing quite a bit and disturb the peace. As an owner, you want a customer to enjoy the whole experience of your establishment. Unfortunately, acoustics often need some work. Add to the experience of your business by improving acoustics and drastically reducing noise pollution, even in large spaces. We'll tell you how!

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