Acoustic solutions for busy and noisy corridors in schools.

Wednesday September 14 2022

There is little more disturbing than hearing students rushing through the corridors during your lesson. Not only do you see them through the classroom windows, but you hear them as if they were standing next to you. It is, therefore, not illogical that noisy corridors disturb concentration and hamper the learning environment. Fortunately, simple solutions can make a world of difference: acoustic improvements.

Acoustic wall panels and ceiling panels

Acoustic panels are not only functional but can also be seamlessly integrated into the school design. They absorb disturbing sound waves, reduce echoes and improve overall acoustics. With panels that can be attached to both ceilings and walls, a calm and stylish environment is created in which learning and concentration are natural.

Sound absorbing screens: flexible acoustics

In addition to panels, sound-absorbing screens are a practical addition. These screens can be strategically placed to block and absorb sound, minimising disturbing noises. Flexible and functional, they offer a customisable solution for controlling noise in busy corridors.

The benefits at a glance

With acoustic improvements, schools create an environment of calm and concentration. Students can better focus on their studies without constant distractions from background noise. For teachers, this means more effective teaching without having to battle noise. By investing in acoustic solutions, schools can promote a positive learning environment and improve everyone's well-being.  

In corridors and other areas where concentration is essential, acoustic solutions offer the key to a calm and focused environment. From ceiling and wall panels to soundproof screens, these solutions reduce noise pollution and create an atmosphere where learning and growing without distraction is possible.


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