Seven tips for better acoustics in catering establishments

Monday February 01 2021

A nice dinner out or an evening at the pub? That's enjoyment! At least, it should be. Because rattling coffee machines, clattering cutlery and people talking enthusiastically and trying to drown each other out are not relaxing. Want to improve and optimise the acoustics in your catering business? We share seven tips!

1. Place tables further apart

The more people in a small space, the more reverberation and noise. It is, therefore, best to place your tables at a reasonable distance. This prevents people from speaking louder to drown each other out and gives a feeling of peace and space. Moreover, servers can also pass more easily without bothering customers. Win-win!

2. Provide acoustic screens

Need more space to leave room between tables? Then acoustic screens such as Wannabeetree Screen or Kora Screen can provide a solution. First, choose an elegant acoustic panel that matches the interior of your business and place them between two tables or groups of tables to separate different parties. Then, with a lovely table lamp and a matching salt-and-pepper set against the acoustic panel, you create a cosy bubble and give your guests more privacy.

3. Avoid an open kitchen

Show cooking can be spectacular, but acoustically it is less appealing. While some people get their mouths watering from a sizzling steak, for example, a spinning dishwasher or a crackling fryer, they are not so ASMR. Therefore, place those kitchen islands more at the back or separate the kitchen. Is show cooking an essential part of the restaurant experience in your establishment? Then consider installing acoustic wall and ceiling panels such as ISOLECO. These acoustic panels are non-combustible and excellent for cleaning.

4. Consider acoustic furniture

It exudes cosiness, and you can use it as decorative items, but certainly also for its functional capabilities. For example, acoustic curtains or blinds such as Vibrasto are the perfect acoustical solution to improve acoustics and upgrade your interior.

5. Install acoustic wall panels and ceiling panels

Acoustic wall panels and ceiling panels such as Stereo or D-Art have the most excellent sound-absorbing properties. Moreover, you can adapt them to any interior. Graphic drawings, photo prints, rougher materials or just a soft finish; there are acoustic wall panels to suit any vibe.

6. Quick win: dampen your chairs

Shuffling chairs on the floor are a big culprit when their sound reverberates throughout the room. With Silent Socks, you not only place a furniture protector on the legs of your chairs but also eliminate annoying scraping when guests arrive or get up! A quick win, in other words!

7. Divide and rule!

A large group of people almost automatically generates noise. So it's best not to put them near the couple with the romantic tête-à-tête. Do you have enough space? Then place the most extensive tables at the back of the venue and separate the area with acoustic screens such as D-Screen!  

Op zoek naar nog meer advies om de akoestiek in je horecazaak te verbeteren? Neem vrijblijvend contact met ons op, wij gidsen je graag door de mogelijkheden!


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