Limit reverberation and demarcate rest and work zones with desk and foot screens.

To improve the acoustics in rooms, the acoustic screens from DOX Acoustics offer a suitable alternative or addition to acoustic wall & ceiling panels. Movable partition walls or desk screens can be integrated into any interior.

Thanks to their simple and flexible design, our screens adapt to all configurations. Customizable and easy to install, they bring colour, acoustic comfort and privacy to your workspace.

Acoustic Screens

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D-Screen screens are easy to install and can be integrated into any interior. They are available as a desk screen or as a foot screen and can also be provided with a personalized print. D-Screen scree...


Many contemporary buildings are designed with open spaces that call for specific responses in terms of acoustic modulation. As such, Kora panels can have a function of acoustic or even visual differen...
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Snowsound CORNER

Corner system, which uses Snowsound technology panels, is an ideal way to divide up work surfaces by creating a visual barrier while also optimizing acoustic comfort. A compact size, together with a r...
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Snowsound PLI

PLI is a sound absorbing screen, consisting of Snowsound panels connected with elastic bands, available in three finishes. The bands enclose the panel and feature steel knobs and O-rings that create l...
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Wannabetree Screen

The Wannabetree is available as a mobile screen and as a wall panel. This acoustic element is of Swedish design and available in 3 different sizes, 3 types of textile cover and 122 colors so that mul...
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Surfaces - Signs

SURFACES is the new collection of ABV acoustic panels designed by Alain Berteau and Julien Renault. It is an alphabet of meaningful shapes inspired by architectural or signing components. Hanging, fre...
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The FIT system panels are fine and elegant modular elements with an invisible and very practical fixing system. They are simple and combinable monoliths, whose solid aluminum and wood structures are e...

Our services

ACoustics as a Service

This service focuses on unburdening the customer and combines flexibility, sustainability and functionality with a pay-as-you-go system. 


Thanks to our extensive product range and our expertise, we can offer complete solutions tailored to your project - acoustically as well as aesthetically, budgetary and architecturally. That way, every project is unique.

Sound measurement

In some cases, an acoustic simulation or a standard reverberation measurement is performed to form a correct picture of the current acoustic climate.

Project management

A team of skilled and passionate employees follows up every project from A to Z, from sales to delivery and assembly.


We have a number of standard products in stock in order to supply the customer quickly. Purchase standard products directly from our webshop. 

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