ACoustics as a Service

This service focuses on unburdening the customer and combines flexibility, sustainability and functionality with a pay-as-you-go system. 

Relief tailored to your needs

Relieving the customer in terms of acoustic comfort is the basis of this new DOX service, with a view to a sustainable society in which circular construction and modular design have an increasingly prominent place: a service that combines flexibility, sustainability and functionality with a pay-as-you-go system.

Service instead of Product

This service plays out the life of a product as efficiently and sustainably as possible, but the end customer is not confronted with large one-off investments - investments in snapshots. In this way we respond to the changing acoustic needs and furnishing options of each customer.

Acoustics needs change over the years, because rooms change function, are arranged differently or have new residents. Building requirements in the field of acoustics are also adjusted now and then. With the ACoustics as a Service concept we create flexibility and we can guarantee our customers a continuous evaluation and, if necessary, improvement of the acoustic comfort throughout the duration of the contract.

Sustainability & efficiency

DOX Acoustics remains responsible for the sustainable composition of the products. The composition and range of the products can therefore be adjusted regularly, without the customer having to spend too much money on it. Quality is guaranteed and the spaces are regularly evaluated so that it is possible to respond in time to changes in the occupancy of spaces, interior design, etc. And it is of course also a business model that is much more circular and therefore environmentally friendly.

The client does not make a one-off, significant investment, but spreads the investment over the duration of the 5-year contract. Thus the investment has a much smaller impact on the annual budget.


Meaningful 2nd life

We remain the owner of the products and therefore take them back at the end of their useful life. Whereupon we recover it in an environmentally friendly way and give it a meaningful second life; either in a new ACaaS project or via ao. our sales corner.

But the products don't necessarily have to come back. When the contract ends after five years, you as a customer have four options depending on your (new) needs. Read the info brochure and find out what these options are.

ACoustics as a Service is just one more step in our circular strategy, in which we try to optimize the use of our products. This will certainly be continued...


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