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DOX Merford offers a very wide range of acoustic products to minimize the reverberation in any room and to optimize the acoustics.

Our products meet very high acoustic and aesthetic requirements.

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Wall and Ceiling Panels

Improve acoustic comfort by tackling the largest sound-reflecting surfaces. Acoustic wall and ceiling panels are a budget-friendly, innovative and aesthetic solution for reducing reverberation in rooms. Our panels provide high efficiency in sound absorption, making them highly suitable for reducing reverberation in a variety of spaces and applications. These versatile panels are durable, comply with fire standards, are visually appealing and have a high acoustic value.
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Baffles and Ceiling Islands

These free-hanging elements improve the acoustic comfort in large rooms and can be used as design accents. Ceiling islands consist of one or more suspended sound-absorbing panels, whether or not covered with textile on one side, suspended from cables. Ceiling baffles are sound absorbers that are mounted vertically or horizontally, covered on both sides or not. They can also be attached to ceilings with concrete core activation.
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Limit reverberation and demarcate rest and work zones with desk and foot screens. To improve the acoustics in rooms, the acoustic screens from DOX Acoustics offer a suitable alternative or addition to acoustic wall & ceiling panels. Movable partition walls or desk screens can be integrated into any interior. Thanks to their simple and flexible design, our screens adapt to all configurations. Customizable and easy to install, they bring colour, acoustic comfort and privacy to your workspace.
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Combine acoustic comfort with functionality. Whether silence zones have to be demarcated, a visual shielding between / in rooms is required, or there is a need for darkening in combination with attenuation, ..., also integrate good acoustics into your furniture. Divide your space flexibly, depending on the developments of the organization and stay on top of noise.
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Acoustic Covering

Integrate aesthetic & acoustic design seamlessly in your interior. Efficiently reduce reverberation and increase acoustic comfort with our collection of seamless acoustic cladding systems. Essentially discreet, our acoustic systems delicately texture ceilings and walls and transform them into large sound-absorbing surfaces.
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Our services

ACoustics as a Service

This service focuses on unburdening the customer and combines flexibility, sustainability and functionality with a pay-as-you-go system. 


Thanks to our extensive product range and our expertise, we can offer complete solutions tailored to your project - acoustically as well as aesthetically, budgetary and architecturally. That way, every project is unique.

Sound measurement

In some cases, an acoustic simulation or a standard reverberation measurement is performed to form a correct picture of the current acoustic climate.

Project management

A team of skilled and passionate employees follows up every project from A to Z, from sales to delivery and assembly.


We have a number of standard products in stock in order to supply the customer quickly. Purchase standard products directly from our webshop. 

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