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In a world where tranquility and silence play an essential role for our well-being, DOX Acoustics strives to find optimal, balanced and aesthetic solutions to solve acoustic issues tailored to your project.

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Discover ACaaS
ACoustics as a Service

a service that combines flexibility, sustainability and functionality with a pay-as-you-go system. Acoustics as a Service instead of a Product.

Unburdening the customer in terms of acoustic comfort is the basis of this new DOX service, aimed at a sustainable society in which circular construction and modular design have an ever-prominent place.

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The advantages
of DOX Acoustics

Due to its expertise and experience in the acoustic sector DOX Acoustics has proven to be the specialist in providing solutions for diverse acoustic applications. 

Limit reverberation

Absorb annoying sound reflections and reduce noise pollution in any room.

Improve well-being

Avoid stress and contribute to a healthy indoor climate.

Increase productivity

Spaces in which acoustics are optimized lead to better concentration and motivation of users.

Design your comfort.

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Good acoustics in any room is crucial. Get to know our brand and our philosophy.

Our customers

We are very happy with the result of the sound insulation. There is a very substantial improvement. Aesthetically it's perfect. It's as discreet as we wanted it. You don't even notice the panels if you don't pay attention to the ceiling.

We are also very happy with the contact with Maxime. We found him to be very attentive to our needs and flexible in the solutions offered. The installers team was also very professional and friendly.

The hoped-for result has been achieved: The 'reverberation' has largely been subdued and the class teacher is very satisfied. The end result is fine for us and I must again sincerely thank you for the proposal made.

reaction to acoustic improvements with Plano-S in kindergarten

The installation went well. People were very careful with the instruments in the laboratory. The noise has fallen to an acceptable level. Thanks for the professional work.

reaction after installing ISOLESO panels in the laboratory

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ACoustics as a Service (ACaaS)

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