Optimize acoustics for a healthy learning environment! School environments are not always the quietest environments. School is a place where oral communication is an essential part of the learning process. Proper acoustics are therefore important to prevent noise nuisance in classrooms, lunch rooms, hall ways, etc.

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Good acoustics in any room is crucial. Get to know our brand and our philosophy.

Modular & flexible solutions tailored to every school space

Acoustic comfort is inextricably linked to the healthy indoor climate of classrooms and other school spaces. Voice problems, stress, concentration problems, poor audibility, headaches,… are issues that teachers and students are confronted with on a daily basis. The cause is largely due to poor acoustics in and around classrooms.

A classroom requires a different acoustic approach than a refectory, a teachers' room or a sports hall. The acoustic solutions can be fully integrated into a flexible and durable model to easily absorb and reinforce the changing use of spaces. Go for modular solutions for better acoustics at school and ensure that the acoustic comfort evolves with the space and the school.

Commonly used acoustic solutions in schools are our basic wall & ceiling panels such as D-Basic Panel & Plano (-S), but also sports panels, baffles and ceiling islands.

Create a healthy learning environment
The advantages

Enable children to have the opportunity to develop themselves maximumly in a peaceful environment. In addition, teachers benefit greatly from a quiet environment. Noise pollution not only affects children's ability to concentrate, but also the teaching method and the well-being of the teacher.

Schools and educational institutions must prepare for the future. Go for modular solutions for better acoustics at school. Classrooms are increasingly being furnished in a modular way. For example, a room can be arranged for studying on one side and eating on the other. With the flexible solutions from Acoustics as a Service you do not have to make expensive investments.

Ensure optimal speech intelligibility and a pleasant learning environment with targeted acoustic solutions tailored to your school.

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  • Minimize reverberation & limit noise pollution
  • Promote learning performance & improve speech intelligibility
  • Increase teacher & student wellbeing
  • Combine acoustic comfort with visual comfort


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