An excellent hospitality experience thanks to acoustic solutions

Tuesday March 14 2023

 Acoustics in the hospitality industry is an essential aspect of guests' experience. We have all experienced it before: you are having a lovely time at a restaurant with family or friends when the decibels around you reach such a level that you can barely understand each other. Good acoustics create a pleasant atmosphere, making guests feel comfortable and stay longer. In contrast, poor acoustics can lead to annoying noises and an unpleasant atmosphere, resulting in bad reviews and lower sales.

Poor acoustics as a culprit for hospitality experience

Indeed, research showed that poor acoustics in hospitality businesses are one of the leading causes of customer dissatisfaction. Not entirely illogical, as noise levels can quickly exceed 80 dB. And that's quite a bit more than the 50 dB usually considered the benchmark for a pleasant sound level. On top of that, most catering establishments consist of hard materials that give sound free rein to reverberate, with all its consequences. Indeed, poor acoustics can drastically disturb the peace and quiet, demotivate employees, hamper the customer experience and reduce business. So to control noise pollution in catering establishments, you need to take adequate measures to improve acoustics.  

Improve the acoustics in your hotel and catering business

Several measures can be taken to improve acoustics in catering establishments. Enhanced acoustic comfort creates a better atmosphere, increases customer and employee satisfaction and raises the aesthetics of your establishment to a higher level. Today, numerous solutions optimise the indoor acoustic climate of your hospitality business.

1. Sound-absorbing panels for damping

Sound-absorbing panels, such as acoustic wall panels and ceiling panels, are perfect sound absorbers. Implementing these highly absorbent panels in hospitality premises reduces reverberation, resulting in less noise pollution and an improved customer experience. Moreover, the wall and ceiling panels are easy to install, and thanks to the numerous design options, they can be perfectly integrated into the decoration of any establishment. A win-win situation!  

2. Ceiling islands and baffles for more acoustic comfort

Acoustic baffles and ceiling islands are specially designed acoustic panels. People install these on ceilings to reduce noise. Strategically placing these suspended ceiling elements above different sound sources guarantees maximum sound absorption and, consequently, a significant improvement in acoustics. Like the sound-absorbing panels, these broken ceiling elements are available in various sizes, shapes and colours to match any hospitality interior.  

3. Custom-made acoustic furniture

Do you want to go the extra mile? Then perhaps acoustic furniture tailored to your establishment is the perfect solution. Would you like to integrate a sound-friendly lounge system, acoustic lighting or acoustic furniture protectors into your catering interior? It's all possible thanks to our extensive range of acoustic furniture!  

Every space in the hospitality industry is unique, so it is essential to consider a tailor-made approach for the best results. Acoustic solutions can be tailored to each hospitality venue's specific requirements and demands, which can improve acoustics and enhance the guest experience.


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