Acoustic solutions for an open-plan office: Research Station for Vegetable Production in Sint-Katelijne-Waver

The DOX Acoustics team was contacted by the ‘Proefstation voor Groenteteelt’ in Sint-Katelijne-Waver. The organisation was looking for a partner with sufficient experience and technical know-how to provide their open-plan office with the right acoustic solutions: the goal was to ensure that everyone could enjoy working in a pleasant environment without being bothered by reverberation or other acoustic issues. Read on to find out how we approached the project.

Acoustic solutions for an open-plan office

The situation on site

The following acoustic problems were encountered at the Research Station for Vegetable Production: 

  • Employees were disturbed by one another because they could hear what was going on in adjacent workplaces. Phone calls and informal meetings prevented other employees from concentrating.
  • The adjacent corridor caused a lot of reverberation: the employees in the open-plan office could hear footsteps and voices.
  • Despite the fact that the conference rooms already had a false acoustic ceiling, reverberation was still a problem.

We were asked to provide clear acoustic recommendations to deal with all these problems. 

The advice given by DOX Acoustics

Our experts carried out an initial analysis of the current acoustic situation in order to be able to offer practical solutions. This was done in consultation with the end customer and the architect of their choice. Our team gave the following advice: 

  • Acoustic screens between the different desks to mute unwanted noises (phone calls and meetings);
  • The installation of Meeting Bubbles: quiet workplaces in separate booths;
  • The reinforcement of sound absorption inside the conference rooms.

DOX Acoustics always carries out thorough project management in consultation with all parties involved. In this project, these were the end customer and the architect, but also the employees themselves! That is because the Research Station for Vegetable Production decided to ask its employees for their feedback on the proposed acoustic solutions: each employee was invited to give his/her opinion on the acoustic recommendations. 

Solutions selected in close consultation with the customer

As the employees had their reservations about installing acoustic screens at every workplace (which would have prevented them from seeing each other), it was decided in consultation to install 15 D-Screen acoustic screens on top of the cabinets in the open-plan office. By placing them at strategic points, it was possible to dampen disturbing noises as much as possible, while not obstructing the employees’ view. 

To give employees the opportunity to get used to the new solutions, we proposed a ‘test drive’: colleagues were already able to try out the 2G Bubble in our office in Kapellen. The suggested solution was received positively, and a total of four Bubbles were installed.

DOX Acoustics D-Panel Sound wall panels were selected for the conference rooms: they are ideal when it comes to providing extra sound absorption and counteracting reverberation. 

Naturally, all lines of communication between DOX Acoustics and the customer remain open, and additional acoustic solutions can still be chosen at a later stage. Personal service tailored to the customer, that’s our corporate philosophy. 

What the customer says about us

The employees of the Research Station for Vegetable Production are now enjoying their new office and an optimal acoustic climate:

"We were very satisfied with the installation of the acoustic solutions. Their finish was extremely professional, and the installation went smoothly, as did the entire collaboration with DOX Acoustics. Our employees started using the Bubbles right away!"

Els Berckmoes
Director of Research Station for Vegetable Production / Proefstation voor de Groenteteelt VZW

How can we be of help? 

Wondering how DOX Acoustics can optimise the acoustic situation in your office? Feel free to contact us at for a first free consultation. 


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