An auditorium where only the speaker draws attention thanks to acoustic optimisations

Monday June 14 2021

 An auditorium is a perfect place to deliver your message in person to a large group of people. At least: it should be. Because to make sure your message resonates where it needs to be heard, the acoustics are essential. Fortunately, plenty of acoustic solutions are available to help get your message to your audience without noise.

Improve the acoustics, and don't give murmurs a chance

In an auditorium, classes are taught, lectures take place, or inspirational speakers share their experiences with a large group of people. But the larger the group of people, the more likely people are to exchange a word here and there. And that can be problematic. In such large halls, even the slightest murmur quickly causes concentration problems. And yet it is precisely in these situations that sustained concentration is a must.

Customised acoustic solutions for auditoriums

It is, therefore, essential to absorb disruptive noise. Baffles and suspended ceiling elements above the audience seats attenuate noise and buzz at the source. Acoustic screens can further separate different stands while absorbing sound. Walls and support columns can be fitted with acoustic panels. The imposing large rooms with high ceilings also lend themselves perfectly to impressive design clusters of sound-absorbing materials. With well-considered decisions and aesthetic choices, you can give every auditorium an attractive interior with balanced acoustics. This way, it is not the conversation in the sixth row but the speaker who attracts all the attention.  


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