How do you turn an open-plan office into a quiet and safe workplace?

Friday January 29 2021

Open-plan offices have become less and less popular lately. How so? An open-plan office does not always offer the best acoustics, which may affect productivity negatively. In the new normal, moreover, office workers must be able to keep a safe distance from one another.

Yet, open-plan offices are a great solution for companies looking for a flexible workplace and seeking a balance for their employees when it comes to working from home or the office. Hybrid work is increasingly becoming the norm.

Hybrid work: a new model

While, in the past, employers would invariably opt for a large office building with the necessary space and extensive facilities, the trend is now more and more towards a hybrid work model which requires less and less office space.

Working from home is here to stay. In the future, however, employees will, of course, have to keep coming to the office for collaborative work, internal communication and important meetings.

As a result of this evolution, many open-plan offices will be converted into meeting and conference rooms that can be used flexibly

Acoustic solutions for noisy open-plan offices

Your colleagues’ (telephone) conversations, the shuffling of office chairs or loud typing? Coworking spaces or open offices are notoriously noisy. The poor acoustics can lead to increased stress levels and decreased productivity.

DOX Acoustics has a wide range of acoustic screens, acoustic furniture and modular acoustic systems to provide your open-plan office with the necessary modular solutions.

We handle the problem at each level of activity:

  • At department level: We recommend installing acoustic panels on the wall or ceiling to protect the entire business space against disturbing noises and reverberation.
  • At service level: Enable your team to continue working or meeting in peace without being disturbed by surrounding colleagues. The best solution to define zones is to divide the space with the help of versatile acoustic furniture
  • At personal workplace level: Want to create your own quiet workplace? The best way to do this is by installing room dividers and/or desk-mounted acoustic screens

Open-plan offices with optimal privacy and respect for safe distancing measures

It goes without saying that you should also take into account the prevailing COVID-19 measures when optimising the acoustics of your open-plan office. 

DOX Acoustics desk panels are an excellent solution in this respect. They are:

  • sound absorbing;
  • COVID-19 safe;
  • easy to move around. 

The colour, material and print of our acoustic desk screens can be personalised to fit in seamlessly with your corporate identity and/or interior design.

ACaaS: flexible custom solutions

Do you want to improve the acoustics of your open-plan office with the help of customised modular acoustic solutions? If so, you should definitely consider ACaaS.

ACaaS enables you to tackle the acoustics of your building in a flexible and personalised way without having to make expensive investments. In fact, you can spread the costs over a period of 5 years or more.

The best solutions for your office are developed with the help of our acoustic experts. In consultation with you, we look at the various acoustic challenges, the extensive range of finishes and your company’s preferred styles

Wondering how you can shape the workplace of the future? Contact us without obligation for more information on ACaaS and on DOX Acoustics’ working method. 


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