Small but nice? How to avoid noise pollution in small catering establishments

Wednesday July 14 2021

Small catering establishments are incredibly cosy: a small breakfast boutique, a compact brown pub, or an exclusive cocktail bar with just a few tables. Yet it can also quickly get noisy here, as more people sit together in a smaller area. So how do you prevent noise and improve acoustics in small catering businesses?

The softness of acoustic material central

Small establishments often have to rely on their cosiness. And what could be cosier than soft materials? In compact catering establishments, it is often acoustically and aesthetically pleasing to avoid hard materials, as they reflect sound. Seats and carpets, on the other hand, absorb sound and thus improve acoustics.

Two-in-one acoustics

Acoustic solutions can also fulfil multiple functions. For example, it is possible to print acoustic wall panels with beautiful photography or art so that they can decorate walls as sound-absorbing decorative elements. It's also possible to suspend acoustic ceiling elements that fit with light sources and serve as acoustic lighting for a compact catering business. Or acoustic screens can ensure that tables set against each other still feel like two separate, cosy bubbles.

Tailor-made acoustic solutions

Sometimes the standard sizes of acoustic solutions already seem too big for small, cosy hospitality businesses. But not to worry, there is a solution for everything. We can cut various acoustic wall panels and ceiling panels to size at DOX acoustics. This way, you get sound insulation that fits perfectly within smaller rooms or on walls and ceilings with irregular shapes.


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