The best hotel experience? It depends on the acoustics!

Tuesday February 08 2022

If there's one place you want it to be quiet, it's in a hotel. After all, people pay a lot of money to be able to sleep or spend their holidays in peace and quiet. The last thing you want to hear is disturbing noise from other guests or hotel staff doing their work. Customised acoustic solutions ensure a pleasant, restful hotel experience.

Ultimate peace and quiet in the rooms with acoustic design solutions

Thin walls are one thing, but you want to avoid hearing what your room neighbours are up to. Therefore, it is essential to equip every hotel room with custom-made acoustic solutions. Hotel rooms lend themselves perfectly to acoustic furniture and decoration with sound-absorbing properties, such as curtains or acoustic lighting elements. For extra sound absorption, opt for some extra. For example, fully integrate baffles, ceiling islands, or acoustical wall panels into the interior.

A welcoming lobby that does not reverberate

The reception or lobby of a hotel is where guests get their first impression. A calm appearance sets the tone for a relaxing stay, but sometimes it is hard to keep the peace. For example, when dozens of people arrive and check in with as many rattling suitcases, you don't want this to bother other guests. Acoustic solutions such as wall panels, ceiling panels and baffles absorb disturbing noise and prevent it from reverberating throughout the building.

Restaurants to enjoy

With acoustic partition panels, acoustic ceiling panels, acoustic lighting and decorative acoustic wall panels, you can turn your restaurant into an oasis of enjoyment within the hotel. For many people, the restaurant is essential in their hotel experience. A pleasant environment with attention to acoustics ensures an enjoyable dining experience where people can murmur with each other.

Harmonious conference rooms

Not a relaxing stay, but an important conference? Then it is crucial to look closely at the acoustics here too. In a place where focus and clarity are essential, the acoustics had better be optimal. Fortunately, such a space lends itself perfectly to acoustic solutions. Baffles and suspended ceiling elements dampen sound and murmurs at the source. Still, acoustic wall panels also lend themselves perfectly to improving acoustics. With well-considered decisions and aesthetic choices, you give every conference room an attractive interior with balanced acoustics.

Your hotel as an oasis of calm? We will be happy to help you with customised acoustic solutions.


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